Arcade Accurate Unofficial Samples

These were all improved in various ways by Gyrovision.

Game Name

File Name


Asteroids - these are from Retrocade, and they are simply amazing - way better than the official ones MAME previously used. I strongly recommend them - you won't be disappointed! (must use MAME/MAME32 v0.36b16 or older - rename to



Berzerk - enhanced version by Gyrovision, who states that it sounds more accurate in comparison to a real machine. Try it out!


Carnival - enhanced version by Gyrovision, who states, "Just a couple tweaks, upped the quality a little and gave the bear a new attitude. Grrr! :)"


Crash - enhanced by Gyrovision.


Donkey Kong - lower pitch adjustment by Gyrovision.


Space Invaders - Gyrovision assembled this set by merging some edited Retrocade samples with the Mame ones, and the result is magnificant 8D. There is a significant quality increase that is very noticeable. I now use these instead.


Qbert - enhanced by Gyrovision.


Rallyx - enhanced by Gyrovision.


Star Castle - this was submitted by Gyrovision - he modified the pitch on the 'drone' sample and increased by 50% the volume on the 'star' sample within the set to make it sound much more accurate in relation to the real arcade machine - recommended.


Vanguard - enhanced by Gyrovision.


Feel free to send me your own arcade accurate unofficial MAME samples for inclusion as well, even if they are not yet supported in MAME! My e-mail address is available on the side menu.

The 'Everything Else' Section

This list mostly includes non-arcade accurate samples created by various people for fun and experimentation. There's also some outdated official stuff in here too :)

Game Name

File Name


Armor Attack and Sundance - astgl added sample support for both of these Cinematronic games which were created using original Retrocade wav's provided by Neil Bradley (pristine quality). This package includes sample sets for each + MAME .76 source code. Simply awesome!


Asteroids - Gyrovision created this enhanced/alternate version of the Asteroids samples. The 'thump', 'thrust', and 'fire' sounds are all slightly different - very cool indeed! (must use MAME/MAME32 v0.36b16 or older)


Astro Blaster - with completely new speech synthesis! I did this one myself using a C64 speech program called 'SAM' via the WinVice emulator (emulated 6581 SID chip). A GoldWave effect called 'double voice' was also used. It sounds pretty good imo - give it a try :)~


Circus - this set is assembled from a mix of Carnival and Eliminator samples, as per Derrick Renaud's recommendation until acurate ones are available.


Circus - Gyro redid the 'bounce.wav' sample in this set, giving it more bass like the original had. Rename to afterwards.



Circus - I also redid the 'bounce.wav' sample in this set, giving it more bass like the original had. But mine was created from a heavily edited Commodore Vic20 Clowns sample. Rename to afterwards.



Donkey Kong - this is a Donkey Kong and Donkey Kong Jr 'walking sounds' fix by Derrick Renaud and Peter Rittwage for MAME .74. Both source changes + new samples are included, and you must compile your own build for it. Well worth it though!


Galaga - I made this one myself, and it sounds pretty cool :)


Galaga - almost the same as my other one above, except I made synthesized speech for it! It will impress (rename to



Galaga - these are custom samples for use in Galaga Ghost, a Galaga hack I made that uses Pac-Man characters (rename to



Galaga - I created these enhanced samples using the new MAME 0.63 official set. The improvement is huge (rename to



Pacman - this is a complete collection of original Pacman sound effects I ripped myself since the game is so popular. Not for use in MAME at all, but cool nonetheless for adding sounds to a website or as Windows® sound events.


Seawolf - this set is assembled from a mix of Depth Charge and Star Castle samples, as per Derrick Renaud's recommendation until accurate ones are available (this is the recommended one to use btw).


Seawolf - this set is of pretty poor quality and is strongly believed to be entirely inaccurate. Still useable, but not my first pick (rename to after download).



Shark Attack - this was submitted on the forums from someone whose name I cannot recall. I personally use this one due to its small file size.


Star Trek - this was submitted by DarkbladE - it is greatly enhanced compared to the official set - both the speech synthesis and many sound effects have been upgraded - nice work and highly recommended.


Tailgunner - this was assembled by astgl_ using Cinematronics samples from other games. Currently (as of MAME .71u2), there is still no official support for them - but luckily he also provided the relevant MAME .71 source files necessary for them to work.


Tailgunner - this was assembled by astgl using the Tailgunner sound source taken from Zonn Moore's excellent CSXORC emulator, and this is the real thing! .79 source changes + authentic samples included.