Here's a small collection of audio utilities that'll help you in your quest to become a MAME samples god ;)

Game Name

File Name


Sam To Wav - This file allows you to convert the older MAME .sam samples into the currently used .wav format. Especially useful if wanting to add cool sounds to a website.



Wav To Sam - This file allows you to convert MAME .wav samples into the previously used .sam format if you prefer using older versions of the emulator.



Goldwave (Commercial) - I use this audio editor to both record *and* edit MAME .wav files. A very nice piece of software.

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Audacity (Freeware) - Much like Goldwave, but freeware. Almost as good and certainly gets the job done. It's only missing a few of the fancier features for audio effects basically, which aren't really necessary for MAME samples.

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M1 Arcade Music Player - This software, written by R. Belmont, currently plays music and sound effects in over 1000 arcade games. It sports a .wav dump feature that eliminates the need for using MAME and the audio software mentioned above to record your samples. Simply edit the .wav file it creates afterwards.

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