IMPORTANT NOTICE: I have been receiving many emails over the past few months inquiring about missing samples in MAME. The fact of the matter, is that MAME now supports samples which are not available anywhere at the present time - they simply haven't been created yet. If they can't be found here, then they can't be found anywhere.

If and when they become available, I'll post them here pronto.

PS: Don't be fooled by fake ones that may be floating around on newsgroups etc. They are 100% bogus, are not arcade accurate in any way, and only serve to satisfy people's need to show nothing as missing when they audit their sets.

December 24, 2010

As of MAME 0.140u3, samples are required for the newly working game: Dai San Wakusei. Thanks to Tafoid for sending it my way :) ~Twisty~

November 7, 2010

An updated Circus sample set is now available. This was recently recorded from an authentic Circus machine by QtQ. So a big thanks to him for sending it my way :) ~Twisty~

August 3, 2010

An Alpha Denshi Games sample set is now available. Thanks once again to Roman for sending it :) ~Twisty~

July 9, 2010

As of MAME 0.138u3, a new Aristocrat Games sample set is required (for mechanical meter pulse). Thanks to Roman for sending it :) ~Twisty~

March 06, 2010

I have added 2 official sets - War of the Worlds & Speed Freak. A big thanks goes out to TrevEB for recording them, who also mentions the following...

"Speed Freak samples were pulled by microphone. War of the Worlds samples have been recorded from direct input, however the sounds are identical to Star Castle."


August 13, 2009

As of MAME 0.133u2, an updated Safari Rally sample set is required which now contains an extra sample. Thanks again to Roman for sending it :) ~Twisty~

July 16, 2009

As of MAME 0.132u4, a new Safari Rally sample set is required. Special thanks to Hau (Team Japump) for making it available, and to Roman for sending it my way :) ~Twisty~

July 15, 2009

Barrier & Star Hawk samples have been added to the collection - thanks goes out to TrevEB for recording/creating them! ~Twisty~

October 24, 2008

Cosmic Alien samples are now supported in 0.128u1, and have been added to the Current Samples page. ~Twisty~

October 21, 2008

The MisfitMAME samples page has finally been updated to the latest release! Special thanks to Robbbert for making available the new sets as well as outlining the req'd changes :) ~Twisty~

May 22, 2008

As of MAME 0.125u2, a new Gorf sample set is required which can be downloaded here. Special thanks to Gyrovision for making it available :)

"Updated all Gorf samples from a working original PCB 1-21-08. A few samples were replaced with merged samples to enhance accuracy as close to the original PCB as possible."

PS: For older mame versions, 0.125u1 and previous, continue to use the older set.

January 26, 2008

As of MAME 0.122u7, the Radar Scope (TRS01) sample set is no longer required and thus I've moved it to the 'Older Samples' page. ~Twisty~

January 15, 2008

As of MAME 0.122u5, the Mario Bros. sample set is no longer required and thus I've moved it to the 'Older Samples' page. Once again, couriersud is responsible for emulating its sound. ~Twisty~

January 13, 2008

As of MAME 0.122, Radar Scope (TRS01) supports samples and I've added the best available set to my collection. There are at least 3 different ones floating around out there but the others are of inferior quality - so be sure to use these instead. ~Twisty~

December 31, 2007

As of MAME 0.122u2, the Donkey Kong Jr. sample set is no longer required and thus I've also moved it to the 'Older Samples' page. Great work by couriersud in emulating its sound. PS, have a happy New Year everyone!~Twisty~

June 15, 2007

As of MAME 0.116, the Donkey Kong sample set is no longer required and thus I've moved it to the 'Older Samples' page :) ~Twisty~

June 03, 2007

I have updated 2 of the official sets - Wizard Of Wor & Gorf. With WOW, Gyro painstakingly re-recorded all the samples, and the game sounds much more authentic now. It's still not perfect, due to the incomplete sample support within the Astrocade driver, but definitely much better than before. And as for Gorf, he re-recorded one of the hacked samples with the real one (attack.wav). ~Twisty~

February 14, 2007

Whoops, just noticed that Berzerk has fully emulated sound as of 0.111u5, thus I have moved its set to the 'Older Samples' page as well. Sure is nice to see the list shrinking all the time ^_^ ~Twisty~

February 13, 2007

As of 0.112u1, sound for both Pole Position and Bosconian are fully emulated and samples are no longer needed, thus I have moved those sets to the 'Older Samples' page :) ~Twisty~

January 18, 2007

As of 0.111u4, sound for Boot Hill is fully emulated and samples are no longer needed, thus I have moved its set to the 'Older Samples' page :) ~Twisty~

November 16, 2006

I was recently sent samples for Triple Hunt, whereby MAME support is planned for 0.110u2 :) ~Twisty~

October 6, 2006

Sample support has finally been added to Lunar Rescue as of MAME 0.109u1, courtesy of Robbbert :) The new set, recorded by Kold666, can be downloaded here! ~Twisty~

June 25, 2006

Gyro went ape with Donkey Kong and created a new unofficial set which can be downloaded here :) Here's what he had to say...

"Because there were some original machines that had lower pitched walking/jumping tones that may have sounded more like this. But there are also some machines that are 100% identical to the official samples that produce higher tones.

Thanks to Derrick's updated sample support, it now sounds more like the original game should. I have repaired discrete sounds on a dkong arcade board before and from experience I have yet to come across any DK machines on the west coast of the U.S. with high pitched tones, not to say there aren't any out there. There is no potentiometer adjustment for pitch, I think it has to do with the batch of capacitor/resistor components at the time of pcb assembly. Whether it's originally supposed to be high in tone or not, I don't know.

Components age with heat and time, producing lower or higher tones that will always seem to vary between two different dkong cabinets standing side by side. But I have also seen two brand new out of the package components have the same rating on the label, tested side by side, and each will test with a slightly different value when they should test the same.

Right, so that's enough of that, I'm just going on and on and on here... try them and see if you like them, maybe you remember it sounding this way when you used to play on the real machine, maybe not, just have fun!"


January 23, 2006

A couple news items to report :)

Firstly, thanks to the efforts of Gyrovision who almost went insane recording this from his PCB, we now have a shiny new Congo Bongo set officially supported by MAME! And it's finally accurate after Aaron Giles made a few changes to the driver for this one. Apparently the old set was recorded from a faulty PCB which messed up some of the sounds, which then in turn caused a few inaccuracies in MAME.

Secondly, Aaron ditched samples for Tac/Scan ( and Start Trek ( as of 0.104u6 because it's now emulated instead, so you can delete those sets if using recent MAME versions. I have moved these sets to the 'Older Samples' page.

That's all for now.

January 23, 2006

Man, how time flies when you're having fun! Added the long sought after cassette version Journey samples thanks to the efforts of Mr. Do and Jonah1976 who luckily saved the original tape from the arcade machine after all these years and was able to copy it :D ~Twisty~

November 18, 2005

Moved the xevios and xevious sets to the 'Older Samples' page since they are no longer required as of 0.89u5 :o) Thanks for the heads-up Parazythum! ~Twisty~

October 16, 2005

After careful and meticulous analysis of recordings from a real machine, Gyrovision corrected one of the samples in the Unofficial Congo Bongo set. Re-download as necessary :) UPDATE: Removed, use the new official set instead

In other news, I finally sorted the Unofficial Samples page into 2 sections! One for improved arcade accurate ones (courtesy of Gyro), and the other section for non-arcade accurate ones which were originally added more for fun and experimentation. Although my opinion regarding inclusion of non-arcade accurate samples to this site has changed, and as such, I'll no longer be accepting them as it causes confusion when others rip out the text files and redistribute them. I will however still leave the remaining ones there since considerable effort had been put into their creation :)

September 5, 2005

I've updated some of the sets:

1) The official set now contains 10.wav which is needed for compatibility with older MAME versions (0.36 final for example). Thanks goes to Peale for providing it.

2) The Unofficial Samples page has been updated with several new/changed sets, all provided by Gyrovision who loves to enhance using his state-of-the-art Area 51 equipment in the Nevada desert! ;-) They include:



August 10, 2005

I know some of you are wondering why the new Journey sample (sepways.wav -> supported in MAME 0.99 isn't available here. The reason it isn't are twofold: 1) There are legal issues surrounding it being that it's a commercial song, and 2) The file is quite large.

I recommend either creating it yourself from a CD or mp3 if you have the know-how (it *must* be mono, not stereo!) or finding it in the binary newsgroups (alt.binaries.emulators.mame). You can put in a request to have it reposted if it isn't there anymore :)

May 5, 2005

Gorf - Gyro re-recorded one of the sounds (attack.wav) which was incorrect in the original sample set, presumably due to a malfunctioning machine. Hopefully this will become the 'official' set in MAME now since it is more arcade accurate than the current one. ~Twisty~

January 11, 2005

I moved the Galaga sample set to the Older Samples page since it is no longer used in the current MAME version as of 0.89u5. Also, Gaplus is now correctly used by MAME (doesn't use Galaga's set anymore) so if you didn't previously already have it then you can pick it up right here ~Twisty~

November 28, 2004

Derrick updated the Frogs set for v0.89u1, which you can obtain here ~Twisty~

November 24, 2004

As of MAME v0.89, a new sample set for Frogs is required (at least until Derrick Renaud is able to accurately simulate all sounds down the road). These high quality samples were originally provided to me by Matthew Rossiter, so cheers to him! ~Twisty~

November 22, 2004

As of MAME v0.88u7, brand new sample sets for Fantasy and Sasuke vs. Commander are now used, and Vanguard has been upgraded with trippy new speech samples which vastly improves the gameplay experience :) ~Twisty~

September 4, 2004

Now being the old school fanatic that I am, it is with great pleasure that I can now offer you updated Donkey Kong and Donkey Kong Jr. samples - only possible due to the combined efforts of Derrick Renaud and Peter Rittwage :D Official MAME finally allows these games to be heard the same way they were in the arcade. Perhaps not identical, but pretty darn close! Imperceptible to the human ear kinda close.

The sample sets will also stay compatible with older MAME versions, as per the usual.

August 17, 2004

Twisty's Samples is back! I have finally moved the entire site to the MameWorld server :D
Don't forget to update your bookmarks.

February 28, 2004

Poof. And just like that, the Tailgunner samples are now officially supported in MAME. ~Twisty~

February 28, 2004

Any Cinematronic Tailgunner fans out there? If so, then you'll be happy to know that astgl has provided me with .79 source changes + authentic samples with which you can use to compile your own build. Old skool sweetness!

Credits: Tailgunner sound code taken from Zoon Moore's CSXOR code.

February 25, 2004

I just spent almost 8 hours getting this site W3C compliant for HTML/XHTML/CSS. So you better appreciate it! ;-) ~Twisty~

January 5, 2004

Space Firebird samples are now supported in .78u1, and have been added to the Current Samples page. Props to Mevi for supplying them to me :) ~Twisty~

November 2, 2003

Armor Attack and Sundance are now officially supported in .76u2, and have thus been added to the Current Samples page. ~Twisty~

October 28, 2003

astgl added sample support for the following Cinematronic games - Armor Attack and Sundance.
The zip package includes MAME .76 source changes + new samples for each, which were created using original Retrocade wav's provided by Neil Bradley (pristine quality). Simply awesome!

October 12, 2003

Well at long last, a fix for Donkey Kong and Donkey Kong Jr.'s 'walking sounds' has been provided by the combined efforts of both Derrick Renaud (earlier work) and Peter Rittwage (recent work). The zip package includes .74 source changes + new samples for both games. I personally tried it out, and the end result is quite amazing I must say. Any true fan of the game will be blown away.

Do note that this will be of no use to you if you don't know how to compile. It's also a .74 specific fix, so it won't work with any other version unless you manually transplant the relevant code and know what the heck you're doing ;-)

August 31, 2003

I added a few samples to the MisfitMAME page that were missing. It should be 100% complete now. ~Twisty~

August 20, 2003

Authentic Sea Wolf samples are finally available, courtesy of Sprout! Very good quality too. He states...
"I ran a patch cable directly to the sound outputs off of the sound board to the line-in port on my notebook to record them."

Click here for immediate download.

August 2, 2003

A fake Tailgunner set is now available. This was assembled by astgl_ using Cinematronics samples from other games. Currently (as of MAME .71u2), there is still no official support for them - but luckily he also provided the relevant MAME .71 source files necessary for them to work.

Click here for immediate download.

May 28, 2003

Gyrovision provided me enhanced Carnival samples :) He mentions, "Just a couple tweaks, upped the quality a little and gave the bear a new attitude. Grrr! :)"

Heh! I like attitude, so it must be pretty good.
Click here for immediate download.

May 15, 2003

Good news! I've got my hands on a 100% *real* set of Circus samples, dumped by Brian Deuel from his own machine :D

Click here for immediate download.

March 12, 2003

Gyro and myself each redid the 'bounce.wav' sample in the Circus set. They are slightly different, but both provide more bass and bounciness in the sound, and add to the overall accuracy when compared to the original machine. Mine differs from his in that I used a completely different sample, which came from the Commodore Vic20 Clowns game (a Circus clone). Fierce editing was done on it.

Gyro's Circus Samples - download here
My Circus Samples - download here

Rename each to afterwards.

March 11, 2003

UPDATE: Ok it appears that at this point, the Circus and *both* Seawolf sample sets are NON arcade accurate - straight up. As such, they have all been moved to the Unofficial WAV Samples page instead. Of course, they can still be used in MAME since some prefer some sound as compared to none (even knowing that it isn't accurate). The choice is yours :) ~Twisty~

March 10, 2003

Hmm, well it appears that there is a different (and perhaps truly accurate) Seawolf set floating around, and it may yet be used as the official one in MAME. Details are sketchy at this time, so stay tuned hehehe. In any event, Roman (who in turn received them from Douglis) graciously provided me with this alternate Seawolf set. Rename to after download :) ~Twisty~

March 9, 2003

I added Circus and Seawolf samples to the Current Samples page after Derrick Renaud recently added support for them in MAME. However they aren't the genuine samples since the real ones still need to be recorded from a real machine. But they'll certainly do in the meantime. This is how the sets were assembled...

Circus ->
pop.wav use pipehit.wav from
bounce.wav use elim2.wav from
miss.wav use elim6.wav from

Seawolf ->
dive.wav use spray.wav from
sonar.wav use sonar.wav from
minehit.wav use sexplode.wav from
shiphit.wav use lexplode.wav from
torpedo.wav use cfire.wav from

March 2, 2003

New Space Invaders samples are available :D Gyrovision provided an enhanced set made by combining some edited Retrocade ones with some from the original MAME set - and the results are really sweet. This has the Twisty seal of approval, and I strongly recommend using Gyro's instead of the official Space Invaders samples. ~Twisty~

February 14, 2003

If you look on the left, you'll see that I added a new section for MisfitMAME Samples! They're all there, so no need to spend hours searching for them anymore :) ~Twisty~

February 13, 2003

New Asteroids samples are here! Myclone provided me with some *awesome* Asteroids samples with which I was able to make a MAME sample set with! I dunno where he got 'em, but OMG these are amazing - way better than the official ones used before due to the fact that they are much cleaner and crisper with far less noise. I strongly recommend these - you won't be disappointed :D (must use MAME/MAME32 v0.36b16 or older)

UPDATE: I have since discovered that these samples come from Neil Bradley's Retrocade Emulator, which explains why they kick azz :) ~Twisty~

January 13, 2003

Well a new year brings new samples! Newly added to the Current Samples page are an upgraded Galaga, Subroc 3D, and Xevios sets - all of which are now officially supported in MAME v0.63.

Update: I just redid an unofficial version of the galaga samples because the new ones sound horrid imo. Really really bad. That's why you should download the Twisty Special so you can play Galaga in it's full glory! ~Twisty~

December 23, 2002

A complete set of Pacman sound effects are now available babas :)

I just finished ripping a high quality collection of original Pacman sound effects in both WAV (44100 Khz/16 bit/mono) and MP3 (160 Kbps bitrate) format. They can be used at your website, for use as cool sound events in Windows® (startup/shutdown etc), or any other non-commercial reason you can think of :D ~Twisty~

December 19, 2002

I added a Utilities page to the site. Have a look :)

Enjoy your holidays everyone, and drink all the wine you can :D ~Twisty~

November 28, 2002

I made custom Galaga samples for use in Galaga Ghost, a Galaga hack I made that uses Pac-Man characters. See the Unofficial Samples page. ~Twisty~

November 27, 2002

Gyrovision created this enhanced/alternate version of the Asteroids samples! The 'thump', 'thrust', and 'fire' sounds are all slightly different. Here's what he has to say, "0.36 fans rejoice! Ever play Asteroids in an arcade at an unfamiliar location and realize the sound was different from the one you were used to playing? Some of you might remember the game using these tones." Available at the Unofficial Samples page (must use MAME/MAME32 v0.36b16 or older :) ~Twisty~

November 04, 2002

Well I finally got around to doing this - an Astro Blaster sample-set with completely new speech synthesis! It was accomplished using a C64 speech program called 'SAM' via the WinVice emulator (emulated 6581 SID chip). A GoldWave effect called 'double voice' was also used. It sounds pretty good imo - so go to the Unofficial Samples page and give it a try :) ~Twisty~

October 23, 2002

Gyrovision just sent in an enhanced Berzerk sample set! He claims that it sounds more accurate in comparison to a real machine. So go snag it from the Unofficial Samples page. Thanx Gyro :) ~Twisty~

August 28, 2002

GOOD NEWS: I was able to repair the Joust zip (.sam sample set). BAD NEWS: It appears that at least 24 files are missing (I only have 'sounds 24-60'). So I still need the complete set if anyone out there has it! Thanx. ~Twisty~

August 27, 2002

I'm currently looking for Joust samples (old .sam format), since the one I have is a corrupted zip. If anyone out there has it, could you *please* it to me a.s.a.p.? If and when I receive it, I will immediately post a news blurb here. Much thanx :) ~Twisty~

July 11, 2002

notified me that he further enhanced his enhanced Star Trek sample set ;) Go grab it from the Unofficial Page gentlemen :) ~Twisty~

July 9, 2002

I added the new 'Battles' sample to the Current Samples page. ~Twisty~

July 1, 2002

I replaced the Buck Rogers and Gridlee samples with Dith's enhanced versions. They are now available on the Current Samples page. Thanx Dith :) ~Twisty~

June 23, 2002

I received an updated Star Castle sample set by Gyrovision today. He states, "This update has a 50% volume increase to the star.wav, which was needed and isn't too overpowering" This will replace the one I uploaded yesterday :) ~Twisty~

June 22, 2002

I added an improved (accuracy-wise) Star Castle sample set courtesy of Gyrovision! He states, "it was only the drone sample I've redone, I matched the output pitch (by ear) to that of an original machine" - Grab it from the Unofficial Page, as per the usual :) ~Twisty~

June 21, 2002

I added an enhanced Star Trek sample set thanx to ! The speech synthesis plus some sound effects have been redone and are very impressive - check it out everyone and grab it from the Unofficial Page :) ~Twisty~

June 15, 2002

I added a few more samples to the 'Older Samples' page that were missing. ~Twisty~

June 6, 2002

I just finished making new samples for our beloved Galaga, and it can be found on the Unofficial Samples page. The kicker is that I made synthesized speech for it this time, and when your ship dies, you'll hear the explosion plus the enemy say, "I just destroyed you earthling" :) It'll really sound great in a MAME cabinet I bet. ~Twisty~

June 4, 2002

The downloads now function properly with Netscape/Mozilla browsers. Cheers to Andy E. for notifying me of this glitch so I could fix it. Keep it badazz boyz :) ~Twisty~

May 29, 2002

I added the Asteroids and Asteroids Deluxe WAV samples to the 'Older Samples' section. Thanx Rowdyman for sending them in and reminding me :) ~Twisty~

May 27, 2002

Twisty's MAME Samples is now fully up to date, and it's smokin! So go grab all your samples everyone :) Remember to place them in your 'samples' sub-folder and leave them zipped. That's all there is to it.

I also added a couple more pages (as you can see on the left-side menu) to include the Older WAV and Unofficial WAV Samples. If you are pretty slick at audio editing, then you can submit your unofficial MAME samples to me, and I'll post them in that section for all to use :) The possibilities are endless. Cheers everyone and keep the dream alive.

May 24, 2002

Hi everyone :) I've been asked by Smitdogg to take over the FraggersXtreme MAME Samples site, since he understandably has his hands full with running MAMETesters. So this place is under my control now, and I will do my best to transform it into something bad azz - heheh.

Actually, I'll simply change a few gifs and update the Current Samples Page to start. I'm going to leave it as simple and clean looking as possible though, because that's what most emulation fans prefer when searching for MAME accessories. Stay tuned. ~Twisty~

July 8, 2001

Added the new Xevious samples, thanks to Gridle. ~Smitdogg~

June 2, 2001

Well hello everyone and welcome. I'd like to start by saying Thank You to KiLLerCloWn for hooking me up with a means to run this site, along with a good deal of it's content. Thanks KC. Big smile to you my friend :)) This site contains the largest MAME samples collection on the web. You will be pleased to know that I do indeed have the Shark Attack samples, so you can finally sleep at night knowing you have a complete set. :) In addition to the complete current set, I have the entire .sam file collection, for use with old versions of MAME. The upcoming "Unsupported +" section will carry samples that I make myself, some unsupported .wav sets for use with old MAME version, and possibly others. I'm hoping that someone eventually adds support for some of the samples that I make, which will be as accurate and of the highest quality as I can make. You can probably tell what my first set is by looking to the left. :) Please keep in mind that this site is brand new and incomplete. I'm going ahead and putting it up now because of the demand for the Shark Attack samples. I'd also like to point out, if you didn't already know, that Dith drastically improved the quality of many of the current samples, please visit his site by clicking here. ~Smitdogg~

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